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Hi, we're Amy and Jenn, two entrepreneurs who share a common vision to create a better world through local, prepared tofu.

We met 6 years ago after our 2nd babies were bornin a mommy-group encounter that feels like a life time ago. We chatted about babies, breastfeeding, bottles, and business. But, with young kids underfoot and existing careers in progress, starting a business together was always just a passing comment.

As the years went by we raised kids (lots of girls), worked together, and became friends. Then a global pandemic hiteverything slowed down. No time for ourselves as parents without child care, but funny enough, lots of time to think.  And thought we did until the right idea finally came to us!

Food became scarce for a while in the early months of the pandemic. Tofu was nearly impossible to get our hands on; in particular, Jenn's favourite brick of smoked tofu. And just like that, an idea was born; if we can't buy flavoured tofu, we'll make our own! And we'll make it even better than ever.

So here we are, putting ourselves (and our recipes) out there for the world to judge! We love what we do, we love tofu and we hope you will too!


Amy & Jenn